The Dip Station – Why It’s Essential

Nobody should ignore the advantages of dips. Dips deliver exceptional upper body power and strength gains, chiefly due to the distinctive inner workings of the motion.

A dip station has more to offer than just your arms. Your arms move and bend to maneuver your entire body. However, they get assistance from your chest, shoulders and back muscles. And a lot more muscles function to keep you balanced when the body is moved.

dip station upwards

That is the reason why dips are a great exercise: they operate many muscles in the exact same movement. In addition, this is the reason why it is possible to go deeper: more muscles functioning is much more power.

Dip Station Benefits

Here are some great reasons to get on the dip station:

  • No limits on weight – Dips can be a difficult exercise on their own. However you’ll outgrow normal body weight dips in virtually no time, this brings me to my next point: It is so easy to add weight to a physique. I suggest purchasing a dip belt. As an alternative, you may position a dumbbell between your thighs or put on a backpack with weights inside.
  • More efficient in targeting upper body – Many lifters do not feel that the Bench Press working their pectorals. Normally the front shoulders become tired prior to the pecs. Additionally, most guys can quickly develop their Bench volume, however, they do not get a large chest.
  • Construct upper body mass – Seeing as you’re able to always add weight to your dip exercise, you are in a position to always overload your muscles. And if you’re constantly pushing your muscles using more weight and consuming a solid diet, you’re sure to build great muscle mass.
  • Practical motion – The ability and strength you construct with Dips will move to many athletic activities where you need to control your bodyweight.
  • Wider pectoral growth – The Dips are excellent when targeting the chest. This type of exercise causes your chest to seem not just larger, but also wider.
  • Greater muscle areas triggered – With dips, your upper body isn’t supported by any equipment and your feet are not on the floor. It requires additional stabilization and triggers muscles areas.

dip station downwards

Does this mean that you should not use the bench press?

No. If you enjoy lifting heavy and concentrate on strength over complete chest growth, Bench is a great option. If you’re able to, combine these. You will be astonished how exercising on Dips can really help you lift heavier with Bench Press.

By tilting forward while performing Dips you place more resistance onto your pec muscles. In this way, dips efficiently construct your torso and make it even wider. Due to no lower body support, doing Dips triggers a great deal of stabilizing muscles. There are methods to make the Dips more difficult. Either by employing static exercises or slow repetitions, or adding extra weights.

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